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Our Services

We have professional web programming expertise in many areas.

Standard Services

We provide the following services straight to our customers:

  • Website Support - $25/hour
  • Website Design - Price starts at $100/page (Responsive website theme design files)
  • Website Development - Price starts at $100/page (WordPress, Shopify, and custom hand-coded projects)
  • Website Integrations - Price varies (like Google Analytics, Facebook API's, etc.)
  • Universal Web Apps (NodeJS apps are like mobile apps but they run in the browser like a website)
  • Android App Development - Contact us for a Quote

If you are interested in any of these servics, please fill out our Contact Form

White Label Services

If you are a business providing services to your clients, and would like to out-source work to us to lessen the burden, we can provide all of our services white label (no credit required from us on the products). Please contact us for information on these services.