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Privacy Policy

Use/continued use of any of our service(s), including accessing this website, is acceptance of these privacy policies.

Data We May Collect

We never sell your data and never distribute your personal information without your strict permission.

Anonymous Data We Collect

By accessing our website or any of our service(s) we may collect the following anonymous data from you:

  • Browser Informaton (version, type, etc.)
  • Device Information (version, type, etc.)
  • Your IP Address (which could provide personal identifyable data such as network provider, a generalized location: state, city), etc.
  • Information about what website(s) you may have been referred by (url and special parameters in the address bar)
  • Information about how you use and what you interact with while using our service(s).

The anonymous data we collect is sometimes collected through browser sessions, cookies (stored on your computer or in your browser), a third-party service like Google Analytics, or a non visible pixel in our service(s) and is only used to help us better understand the technology used to access our service(s) and to be able to provide a better experience for you and other visitors that use any/all of our service(s). This type of data can possibly be restricted, but there is no 100% "universal" way of preventing this data from being collected. If you wish to limit this type of data please search online or check your devices settings for information about preventing tracking.

We use a third-party service called Google Analytics provided by Google that allows us to collect the anoymous data easily and be able to visually inspect the data and analyze it. This data is shared back to Google to help better the experience of Google Analytics and ensure it's reliability. Your personal data is never shared from us to Google, or any other third-party without your strict permission.

Personal Data We Collect

By submitting forms or accessing our service(s), we may collect the following personal data from you:

  • Full Name
  • Age/Birthday
  • Address
  • Billing Information (we do not store this information)
  • Any email or form data you submit to us
  • Any information you give us verbally or written
  • Anonymous Data (as outlined above)

Should you wish to limit or remove any data we store about you on our servers please Contact Us. Note that by limiting or removing certain data that we collect may prevent us from providing you services and may require you to provide us with such information before we can continue servicing you and/or your account.

How We Share Anonymous Data

By submitting forms or accessing our service(s), we may share with third-party services the following data from you:

  • Anonymous Data (as outlined above)

How we Share Personal Data

We do not share your personal data with anyone unless the following conditions are met:

  • We are legally required to share the information with government officials or authorities through a court order, demand or legal notice letter.
  • You give us physical written & signed permission to share such information.

How long we Store Data

We generally store data until it is no longer legally required or needed unless:

  • Should you cancel your service(s) with us and/or ask us to remove your account, we may keep the information for legal purposes but make the account unable to be accessed. Until no longer legally required then we will anonymize (remove any personal identifyable data) the data or remove it.

How can you Opt-out?

You can opt-out of personal data collection, from Code Authors, by canceling and/or stopping current and future use of all our service(s). Do note that you may still be liable for any future, current and/or past-due invoices for your service(s), until those are also paid in full and/or canceled.